Fastening & Joining on

3M Industrial Adhesives & Tapes
Acorn Industrial Components Ltd Supply Chain Solutions — VMI Specialists, Sub Assembly & Kitting
Advanced Technical Concepts Ltd Hydraulic Pumps & Tools, Seals, Packing, Jointing, Gaskets
Air & Marine Products Ltd Electrical Component Distributors
ADM Precision Tools Plastic Injection Moulded Products
Amberlea Plastics Ltd Plastic Fasteners & Mouldings
Ambrell Corporation Induction Heating Equipment & Lab Testing Services
AMC (UK) Fasteners Ltd Steel Nuts & Special Parts
APEC Subcontract Machining, Fabrication & Assembly
Appian Fasteners Distribution of Industrial Fasteners & Fixings
ASM Fasteners Ltd Tangless Helically Coiled Inserts & Tooling
Associated Spring SPEC Springs, Clips, Washers, Pins, Mechanical & Gas Struts
Atlas Copco Tools Ltd Assembly Tools, Material Removal Tools, QA Products
Automation Supplies Ltd Aluminium Machine Building Systems & Conveyors
Autonic Engineering Co Ltd PCB/Sheet Metal Fasteners, Turned Parts
AV Industrial Products Ltd Anti-Vibration Mountings & Rubber to Metal Bonded Components
Baker & Finnemore Ltd Starlock Push on Fasteners, Precision Custom Pressings & Tension Washers
BAW Precision Engineering Limited CNC Machining, Jigs, Fixtures, Tooling, Design & Automation
Beckett MIM Metal Injection Moulding of Complex Metal Components
BF Component Solutions Ltd Management & Distribution of Standard & Bespoke Industrial Components
Binder Fastener Systems (UK) Ltd Textile & Plastic Fastener Systems
BLT Circuit Services Ltd Soldering Products for Printed Circuit Assembly
Blue Diamond Technologies Ltd Custom Mechanical Components & Assemblies
Bollhoff Fastenings Ltd Fasteners & Assembly Systems - Development & Manufacture
Bollhoff Armstrong Ltd Helicoil Wire Thread Inserts Manufacture
Bralo UK Ltd Rivets, Rivet Nuts, Riveting Tools
BTM (UK) Automation Products Ltd Sheetmetal Clinching Products/Systems
M Buttkereit Ltd Cable Entry Systems, EMC Solutions
Cablespeed Ultrasonic Metal Welding & Wire/Cable Processing Machinery
Carona Reuter Industrial Ltd Aerospace & Commercial Fasteners & Fixings
Chambers of Commerce of Spain Industrial Supply From Spain
Cheltenham Induction Heating Induction Heating Systems
Cinch Connectivity Solutions Connectors
CircoConnect Ltd Universal Unique Connector
CMS Plc IT Infrastructure & IP Security Products Distributor
CNS Tooling & Abrasives Agents for Bosch Production Tools
Cohline UK Ltd Hose, Fittings, Tubing, Tooling
Colman Greaves Plastic Fabrication & Machined Components
CP Desoutter Industrial Power Tools
Cramlington Precision Forge Ltd Precision Forged Components, (Hot/Cold) Powder Metal
Davis Scientific Treatments Ltd Vacuum Heat Treatment & Brazing
Design & Automation Solutions Ltd Special Purpose Machinery & Factory Automation Systems
Fath Components Ltd Latching, Locking, Gaskets and Hinges
DKL Metals Ltd Alloys & Soldering Materials Producer
Doro Tape (UK) Ltd Self Adhesive Tapes, Bumpers etc
Dubosson Precision Turned Parts Manufacture
ECT Adhesives & Adhesive Solutions Supplier
Elastometall Ireland Rubber to Metal Bonded Products
Electron Electronics Electronic Components Distributor
Elesa (UK) Ltd Standard Machine Elements
George Emmott (Pawsons) Ltd Springs & Fasteners, Fabrication, Steelwork, Metal Forming
Enercon Industries Ltd Plasma Surface Treatment
Eterna Solutions Limited Special Purpose Nuts & Bolts and Other Hardware
Express Electrical & Eng Supplies Ltd Computerised Cable Identification Solutions
Farnell Electronic & MRO Products Distributor
Fastener Network Industrial fasteners & 'C'Class Components
Fastener Network Class 'C' Fasteners & Customer Special Products
FDB Panel Fittings Ltd Panel & Electrical Enclosure Hardware Distributors
FineCal Distributors Technical Tapes, Adhesives, Abrasives & Packaging Solutions
Flow-Technology Ltd Stainless Steel & High Nickel Alloy Components
Fluid Research Ltd Resin Metering, Mixing & Dispensing Equipment Manufacturer
Focus Metals Ltd Ferrous & Non Ferrous Tubes- Supplier & Stockist
Futura Electronics Ltd Electromechanical Components Distributor
FWB Products Ltd Engineering & Safety Products - Distributor
G&B Projects Fasteners - Standoffs & Spacers
G&S Penrith Limited Fluid handling Components - Wholesale Distribution
GA Engineering (Scotland) Ltd Suncontract Machining-Sliding Head & Conventional
Gedore Torque Ltd Torque Tool Manufacturer
Gesipa Blind Riveting Systems Ltd Blind fastening & Joining, Blind Rivets, Rivetnuts, Studs & Tools
Goss Springs Ltd Springs, Wireforms, Pressings Manufacturer
HCL Fasteners Ltd Clamping Solutions Specialists
Heico Fasteners UK Ltd Anti-Vibration Wedge Locking Washers
Henkel Ltd Adhesives, Sealants, Coatings & Dispensing Equipment
Henrob Ltd Self-Pierce Riveting Systems & Rivets
Henrob Direct Limited Self-Pierce Rivets & Equipment
Henry Pels Ltd Precision Linear Slides & Rotary Tables
Hilltop Products Ltd Cable Protection, Identification, Heat Shrink Products
Hi-Tech Sheetmetal Ltd Sub Contract Sheet Metal Fabricators
HPC Gears Ltd Gear Transmission & Mechanical Products
HTE Plastic Joining Solutions Plastic Joining Solutions
IEC Ltd Mechanical Components Distributor
Induction Coil Solutions Ltd Induction Heating Equipment & Repairs
Industrial Plastic Fabrications Ltd Plastic CNC Machining, Fabrication & 3D Printing
Prym INOVAN GmbH & Co. KG Spring Pins, Coiled Spring Pins, Spacers, Elec Assembly etc
Insoll - Fibracon Machined Plastics Machined Plastics - Tailored Service
Intafast Ltd Industrial Fastenings
Intek Adhesives Ltd Industrial Silicones & Adhesives
Intertronics Adhesives & Dispensing Equipment
Interface Group (The) Sub Contract Manufacturers - Precision Machining to Electronic Assemblies
Iskra ISD-STRUGARSTVO d.o.o. Turned Parts, Plastic Parts, Alu Parts, Coatings
IS-Rayfast Electrical Interconnect & Electro-Mechanical Components
Jeaton Ltd Tapes, Adhesives, Abrasives, Packaging & Pols-3M Distributor
Jenton International Ltd U.V. Curing Technology, Equipment & Vibration Analysis
Jet Press Limited Industrial Specialist Fastening & Hardware Components
John Parker & Son Limited Steel Stockholder
Kaiser & Waltermann GmbH Tubular Rivet, Fine Tubular Components, Spacers, Pins, Eyelets
John P Kummer Limited Dispensing Systems, Equipment, Materials & Adhesives
Loctite (Henkel) LOCTITE® Structural adhesives/dispensing equip/TECHNOMELT ® Low Pressure Moulding
Lohmann Technologies UK Ltd Manufacturer & Converter of Adhesive Tapes & Films
Mac Weld Ltd Welding & Engineering Products


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