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  SubContract Electronic Assembly
A2E Electronic Hardware & Software Design Services
Aaron PCB Assemblies PCB Assemblies
Abtest Limited Climatic/Dynamic Testing, ATE Design & Build, Calibration
Acal BFi UK Ltd Custom Electronics Manufacturing
Active PCB Solutions Ltd Contract Electronics Manufacturer
Acturus Ltd RF Power Amplifier Manufacturer
AEMS Electronics PCB, Cable & Wiring and Box Builds - Design, Manufacture & Assembly
AGS Electronics Ltd PCB Assembly
AGW Electronics Limited Transformers & Wound Magnetics
AIID Solutions Design & Manufacture of Bespoke Instrumentation
Aish Technologies Ltd Sheet Metal CNC Machining, Finish & Assembly
Alpha 3 Manufacturing Limited Aluminium & ABS, Electronic & Industrial Enclosures
Alpha Manufacturing Ltd Precision Sheet Metal Fabricators
Altertek Ltd Li-ion Battery Management Systems & Electronic Design
Amfax Limited Automated Inspection Equip, Eng & Manuf, a3Di & Looms
AMP Rose (P) Ltd Precision Parts & Sub Assemblies
Amphenol Electrical Connector & Interconnect Specialists
Annex Interconnect Wiring Harnesses, Looms, Overmoulded Cable Assys & Control Panels
Apex Manufacturing Ltd Contract Electronics Manufacturing Services
Apra-norm Electromechanik GmbH 19" Technology & Electronic Enclosures
Arcol UK Resistors
Arrival Electronics Limited Design, Manufacturing, Litting, Inventory Management, Franchised Products
Arrowvale Electronics Electronic Manufacturing Services & Design
Arrow Technical Services Ltd Design & Manufacture of Electronic Product
ASK Technology Ltd Fast Track High technology PCB Assembly Professionals
Assel Sp. z o.o. Contract Manufacturing Services
Assembled Electronics Solutions LLP Electronics Design, Manufacture & Product Development
Assembly & Controls Technology Ltd Electrical & Mechanical Assembly Service/Subcontracting
Assembly Solutions Ltd Cable Assemblies/Wire Harnesses/Electronic Coils
AsteelFlash Electronic Manufacturing Services
Astricom Limited Prototype to Mid-Volume Contract PCB Assembly
ATC Systems Contract Electronic Manufacturer
ATT Walters Ltd EMS, Contract Manufacturer. Electronics/Enclosures. Design & Build
Automated Cable Solutions Limited Cable Cutting, Stripping & Crimping Equipment
Avel Lindberg 2002 Ltd Design & Manufacture of Transformers,Coils, Chokes & Wound Products
Avin Electronics Ltd Contract Electronic Manufacture, Prototype to Volume, Programming, Test
AWS Electronics Ltd Electronic & Electro-Mechanical Assembly, Cables, Harnesses & Test
Axiom Manufacturing Services Ltd Complete Solution to Outsourced Electronic Manufacturing
Axon Cable Ltd Custom Stamped, Formed, Moulded Parts, Cables, Connectors & Interconnect Solutions
BAE Systems Ltd Highly Complex Electronic Integrated Systems, Sub Systems & Modules
BAE Systems World Leading Design & Manufacturing Services
BAE Systems Maritime Services Electronic Manufacturing Services
Batchbuild Regulatory Controlled Products
Baytree Industries Ltd Sub Contract Manufacturing Electronic Systems, Precision Engineering
BELA EMS Contract Electronic Manufacturing Services
OF Bell Injection Moulding Injection Moulding, Toolmaking and Electrical Assembly
Beta Electronics Ltd Electronic Manufacturing Services
BIG Kent Electronics & Manufacturing Related R&D and Sub-Contract Testing Services
Binder UK Ltd Industrial Circular Connectors - Automation Technology & Customised Connectors
BitBox Limited Electronic & Software Design/Manufacture
Bopla Enclosures - Phoenix Mecano Enclosures for Electronic Components
Border Precision Ltd Toolmaking, Precision Press/Mach, Sheetmetal Fab, Chemical Etching
Bridmet Ltd Sheet Metal Components & Fabrications - Subcontract Manufacture
Brighton Sheet Metal Ltd Sub-Con Sheet Metal Fabrication & Assembly
Bronkhorst UK Ltd Flow & Pressure Control Instrumentation
Bryant Unlimited Metalwork Fabricator, Electrical Component Distributor, Assembly House
Bus Solutions Ltd Computer Enclosure Design/Manufacture/Fan & Mechanical Parts Distributor
Byrne-Mech Ltd Sheet Metal Fabrication, Enclosures-Aerospace,Medical & Automotive
Cable and Crimping Services Ltd Cable Preparation Equipment - Sales & Service
Cable First Ltd Cable Assemblies, Injection Moulding & Power Leads
Cablespeed Ultrasonic Metal Welding & Wire/Cable Processing Machinery
Cablespeed Cable Preparation + Ultrasonic Welding Machines
Cabletec ICS Ltd Metal Braid Bonding Leads & Multicore Cables
Cabletree (MFG) UK Cable Assemblies & Wire Harnesses
Calman Technology Ltd Membrane Keypads, Graphic Overlays, Labels
CamdenBoss Ltd PCB Terminal Blocks, Fuses, Fuse Holders & Plastic/Metal Encl
CamdenBoss Ltd/smartboxx Enclosures & Electronic Components - Design, Development, Manufacture
Canvys - Visual Technology Solutions Visual Technology Solutions
CB Technology Ltd Electronic Manufacturing Services. Assembly, Test & Box Build
CCS Electronics Cable Harnesses, Electrical/Mechanical Assy's, Complete Box Build & Panel Build Assy's
Ceema Technology Ltd Electronic, Mechanical & Software Engineering
CEEP Connectors Limited Electrical Power & Data Connectors
CEL Group Engineering & Manufacturing Supply Chain Partner
Ceramic Substrates & Components Ltd Industrial Ceramic Materials & Components
Challenger Solutions Ltd Contract Electronics Manufacture
Chambers of Commerce of Spain Industrial Supply From Spain
Cherrytech (UK) Limited Electromechanical Assembly
Chinasavvy Manufacturing Company World-Class Engineering & Manufacturing from China
CICOR Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)
CIE Electronics Design, Manufacture & Stocking - Custom Connectivity & Electronics
CIL Precision Ltd Precision Sheetmetal Fabricated Components, Enclosures & Electro-Mech Assy's
Chinasavvy World-Class Engineering & Manufacturing from China
Circatron Ltd Electronics Design & Manufacture
Clarydon/Kasdon Electronics Ltd Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer/Assembly Services
Coax Connectors Ltd Design, Manufacture & Supply of High Performance RF Connectors
Cobalt Controls Ltd Electric Motor Controls & Electronic Control Systems
Cogent Technology Ltd Contract Electronic Manufacturer. ISO9001 & 13485
Colmworth Electronics Ltd Electronic Kitting, PCB & Assembly
COMELIT Spa Laminated Transformers, Electronic Transformers, LED Technology
Complete Electronics Ltd Industrial Component Distributor + Value Added Solutions
Components Bureau Limited Electronic Component Distribution
Connor Solutions Ltd Contract Electronics Manufacturer
Contour Electronics Limited Interconnect Systems, Cable Assembly, PCBA & Connectors
Contract Production Ltd Contract Electronics Manufacturer
Controlled Speed Limited Contract Electronic Manufacturing & Design Services
Convert Ltd Sub Contract Manufacture of Complex Cable Harnesses & Cable Assemblies
Corintech Ltd Electronics Manufacturing & Design Services
Cornelius Electronics Ltd Control Panels, Cable Assembly, Overmold
Cove Industrial Enterprises Ltd Sheet Metal Fab, Painting, Box Build, Electronics Wiring & Assembly


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