CIE Electronics Design, Manufacture & Stocking - Custom Connectivity & Electronics
Contract Production Ltd Contract Electronics Manufacturer
Darian Global Sourcing Castings, Fabrications, Pressed Parts & Machined Items Supply
Electrica Ltd Electronic Design & Manufacture
European Circuits Limited Printed Circuit Boards - Manufacture & Assembly
HTK Europe Limited Wiring Harness & Sub-Assembly Manuf/HTK (Honda) Connectors Distributor
Induction Coil Solutions Ltd Induction Heating Equipment & Repairs
Jenks & Cattell Engineering Ltd Laser Fabrication, Metalwork, Pressings, Welding & Welded Assemblies
LCL Electronics Contract Electronics Manufacturer
Trojan Electronics Ltd Contract Electronic Manufacturing
UK Electronics Ltd Comprehensive Electronics Capability
Yelo Ltd Test Fixturing & Application, Design, Build to Print, Software
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