Aalco Metals Ltd Multi-Metals Supplier
Adhesive Metering (Rockingham) Systems Multi-Component Adhesive & Resin Dispensing Systems
Alucast Ltd Aluminium Cast Components
G Bopp & Co Ltd Precision Woven Wire Meshes & Fabricated Items
B-Tech Engineering Ltd CNC Machined Parts
CCL Design UK High Performance Labelling & Die Cut Component Parts
Davis Scientific Treatments Ltd Vacuum Heat Treatment & Brazing
DKL Metals Ltd Alloys & Soldering Materials Producer
Ensinger Ltd Engineering Plastics Manufacturer
Foam Techniques Ltd Flexible Foam & Rubber Components Manufacture
Habia Cable Cables & Cable Assemblies for Demanding Applications
HARALD PIHL AB Stockholder of Special Alloys & Titanium
Henkel Ltd Adhesives, Sealants, Coatings & Dispensing Equipment
igus Polymer Bearings, E-Chains, Cables & Linear Systems
Induction Coil Solutions Ltd Induction Heating Equipment & Repairs
J Coker (Rubber) Ltd Rubber Moulding, Fabrication, Tool Making & Compounding
Kemtron Limited Materials for EMI/RFI Shielding Gaskets
Kewell Converters Ltd Foam Fabrication & Products - Custom Made/High Tolerance
Lohmann Technologies UK Ltd Manufacturer & Converter of Adhesive Tapes & Films
MagDev Limited Permanent Magnets, Soft Ferrites, Magnetic Assemblies, Wound Components
MG Metals Ltd Non Ferrous Metals Stockholder
Nabertherm GmbH Industrial Furnaces for Thermal Process Technology
Qualitetch Components Ltd Precision Metal Component Manufacture-Chemical Etching & Wire Erosion
Rapid Electronics Electronic Components & Associated Products
Righton Ltd Metals & Plastics Stockholder
Rochling Engineering Plastics (UK) Ltd Precision Machined Plastics & Composites
Rose Plastic UK Ltd Plastic Packaging for Engineering, Cutting Tools etc
Thinking Space Aluminium Profile Assembly System
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